Pump Parts & ACcessories

Everything You Need To Succeed

Jetstream’s premium pump parts and accessories ensure success and safety on every job. From pump tools, valves, hoses, lances, filters, to complete fluid end packages and automation, Jetstream carries everything you need to maximize the productivity and performance.

Pump Parts

Jetstream manufactures and stocks a full line of premium equipment for waterblasting jobs. See the catalog links below for technical specs and details.

  • Fluid End Spare Parts Packages
  • Pump Tools (Wrenches, Studs, Lubricants)
  • Filters and Filter Assemblies
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Rupture Disc Assembly and Discs
  • Valves (Bypass, Air-Operated, Tumble Box)
  • Hydro-Throttle Assemblies
  • Spare Cartridges

15K Catalog Section C. – Pump Accessories
20K Catalog Section C – Pump Accessories
40K Catalog Section C – Pump Accessories

Hoses and Lances

Jetstream provides a variety of hoses and flex lances for high pressure and ultra-high pressure waterblasting. These hoses and lances are designed to be durable and safe for high pressure and ultra-high pressure applications. A selection of standard length hoses and lances are kept in inventory, and custom lengths or special connections can be requested. All hoses and flex lances are constructed of a plastic core reinforced with high tensile steel wire and enclosed in a tough, flexible thermoplastic jacket. The smooth plastic core minimizes pressure loss that impedes cleaning ability while offering maximum resistance to damage caused by aging, moisture absorption and other environmental factors.

Thermoplastic supply hoses are available with heavy-duty abrasion covers. This cover prevents excess damage caused by vibration and movement of the hose on rough or uneven surfaces when connecting from the pump to a waterblasting tool or automation system. Flex lances are uncovered lances used for the cleaning of small diameter tubes, such as those found in heat exchangers, condensers and boilers. The use of smaller flex lances allows for easy passage through bends due to great flexibility and minimal bend radius.

15K Catalog Section D – Hoses and Lances
20K Catalog Section D – Hoses and Lances
40K Catalog Section D – Hoses and Lances


Jetstream offers fittings and adapters for various connection types to connect accessories and hoses to your high pressure equipment. Standard connection types such as NPT, Type M, and HP connections are available in standard sizes, along with proprietary Jetstream fittings that are designed to extend seal life and decrease galling.

15K Catalog Section E – Fittings
20K Catalog Section E – Fittings
40K Catalog Section E – Fittings